Here at Account4gamer.com, we understand that buying a game account on the internet can be a nerve-racking experience. The safety of every account we sell is our #1 priority. 

Steps We Take:

•    Every account we purchase comes from the original owner. No exceptions!
•    Every account purchased must have no history of account recoveries, suspensions, or bans.
•    Any account that is recalled from us is banned and the payment sent to the owner is reversed. Scamming does not pay off.
All this guarantees only the safest accounts are sold on our website. 

Our Warranty:

Every account purchased on Account4gamer.com is covered by a warranty (*) (**). This warranty protects you from an account recall by the original owner or a ban because of our company. In the event of your account becoming unplayable, we will send you refund or replace with another product on our website. Our warranty only covers recalls by the original owner and bans that are our fault. Third party programs, in-game behavior, gold selling, account sharing, or any other form of negligence is not covered. Also, this warranty does not transfer to any other parties and any attempt to sell or trade your account will void our warranty. 

When the product is shipped, we will send you instruction how to secure your account.

(*) Please notice: account doesn't have warranty if

  • You don't follow our instruction.

  • It is your mistake.

  • Returned item is not in original condition (account name, device link...)

(**) Notes for individual products: 

Clash of Clans/Boom Beach/Clash Royale/ Summoners War... account
are not made full refunds because accounts can be copied over several devices. So once delivered data account if you ask for reimbursement will be calculated on a risk and according to the account. NO REFUNDS COMPLETE !!

  • If you have an issue within 30 days you will receive 50% of your payment.

  • If you have an issue between 30 days and 60 days you will receive 25% of your payment.  

  • If you have an issue after 60 days you will receive no refund.

(***) We have no warranty for Top-up service (banned account, negative balance...)

All game publishers don't allow you to topup from thirdparty seller. When you make payment, it means you understand the risk, also read and agree to the warranty policy, terms and conditions of Account4gamer.